The geographic position of the Republic of Panama, and the use of the US dollar as its currency, one of the biggest banking centers in Latin America, tourism, real estate development, work opportunities and the Panama Canal are some of the reasons why many foreigners decide to establish Panama as their preferred business location.


Making the decision to relocate, emigrate and do business in another country is complex. Our team understands what is important and necessary to be successful. We provide our clients with the legal guidance prior to applying for a temporary or permanent residence permit or visa. In addition, we provide business advice to foreign employers with respect to Labor Law and Immigration Law. This includes all requirements and responsibilities of the employer and the employee.


We will help in preparing and filing the necessary requirements with the Immigration National Service of Panama, reviewing all documents, legal requirements, authentication and translations for the visa and permit applications for every individual case. We also provide ongoing counsel and advice on immigration and foreign employment issues to avoid the business from being fined or the individual being deported.